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The FujiCast is a podcast for photographers of all abilities and all camera brands who just want to talk pictures. It's a light entertainment show hosted by Fujifilm brand ambassador Kevin Mullins and photographer/broadcaster Neale James. Episodes feature questions from listeners sent to the show's email address - interviews with special guests, competitions and reviews. Usually a weekly show released on Mondays, the show went daily during the world's Covid-19 lockdown. It's a community for photographers across the planet with its own Facebook group for feedback, debate and questions.

Mar 15, 2021

Kev is in flat pack ‘heaven’ as the new studio build continues, we talk sports photography with the 70-300mm lens and the possibility of a wedding academy. Plus your questions; what do professional photographers do when they’re not making pictures, what are the boys’ aha photographic revelation moments, how large can you print a Fujifilm camera file, what is the future of APSC and why is Fujifilm so devoted to it? The book of the week is Anton Corbijn’s 1-2-3-4, and our guest is the documentary photographer Karah Mew.