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The FujiCast is a podcast for photographers of all abilities and all camera brands who just want to talk pictures. It's a light entertainment show hosted by Fujifilm brand ambassador Kevin Mullins and photographer/broadcaster Neale James. Episodes feature questions from listeners sent to the show's email address - interviews with special guests, competitions and reviews. Usually a weekly show released on Mondays, the show went daily during the world's Covid-19 lockdown. It's a community for photographers across the planet with its own Facebook group for feedback, debate and questions.

Mar 22, 2021

Kev is installed at last in the new office, Malmesbury Bunker 2.0 and we ask the questions; will the show ever be filmed, when are you too old for street shooting, should you choose an X-Pro1 or 2 used, who needs a camera in a cardboard box, should I supply all my clients with TIFF instead of Jpegs, has Covid made photographers give away their knowledge too readily too cheaply in too many online courses and if you had 5K to invest in a camera that would hold its value, what would you choose? Former British National Press Awards Photographer of the Year, PA Media photographer Danny Lawson is our guest and Kev’s book of the week is Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Scrapbook.